Success Stories and Feedback

Here are some success stories from our members!

Alison and Dean.

Alison and Dean

Alison: “I joined Your Perfect Love Match because I wanted to find my life partner and a good friend of mine met her husband online and so it prompted me to give it a go. I really liked the detail of all the questions in the sign up process and the careful matching as a result. I enjoyed reading through Dean’s profile with his down to earth sense of humour. He really stood out.

We talked online for three weeks before deciding to meet up. Our first date was a Sunday walk around the grounds of Hylands House in Essex and we had a cup of tea in the cafe. After that we met up about twice a week or as much as we could before we moved in together but we made sure that we talked every day. After a month in we met each other’s friends and families and after one year into our relationship Dean proposed to me in the most romantic way in Central Park New York. It was such a surprise! We’ll get married next May and we’ll have our honeymoon in Italy.”

Dean: “I decided to try online dating as you can be more selective with the types of people that you meet and Your Perfect Love Match gives you a much higher chance of finding someone you might genuinely want a future with.

I really liked Alison’s pictures and the humour that came across from her profile. I contacted Alison and we both felt there was an instant connection. Our first date lasted for about three hours and I got quite embarrassed as my brother in law had drawn something rude on the back of my car, but luckily Alison found it funny. We dated for about a month until we started to make it official and realised that we loved each other. Everything went really quick and we moved in together by August and got engaged in February 2014. I proposed to Alison on a holiday together in New York next to a frozen lake in the snow in Central Park. All of my friends and family suspected something and the only person who was really surprised was Alison.

I am so happy I met Alison, everything clicked into place so quickly and perfectly and everything felt right. I can’t wait to get married to my best friend.”

Lesleyann and Andrius.

Lesleyann and Andrius

Lessleyann: “I broke up with my ex boyfriend in April last year and joined Your Perfect Love Match in August after four months of being single. I found it really hard to meet people as all my friends were mutual friends with my ex boyfriend, so my social circle wasn’t changing after the breakup. I knew a lot of people who joined online dating sites to meet someone new and my mother met my stepfather online so I thought I’d give it a go.

I only ever tried Your Perfect Love Match as I’d seen all of the TV adverts and liked how much they seemed to care about sending you matches who you would have a lot in common with, instead of randomly scrolling through loads of profiles. The first two guys that I went on dates with, I ended up being great friends with. The chemistry wasn’t there but we have become good friends. I was very nervous before my first date with Andrius but when I saw Audrius standing at the bus stop with a red rose in his hand I found it so romantic and there was a clear instant attraction. There was just something about him. Soon after our first date Audrius asked me to be his girlfriend. Things progressed really quickly and I was thrilled to meet Audrius’ family in Lithuania after only three month together. It says a lot too as I hate flying but he was very supportive.

Audrius told me that he loved me after one month and I knew I loved him too. We are planning to move in together after Christmas half way between both our work places.

Audrius: “When I saw Lesleyann’s profile I knew we had a lot of common with each other. We had both moved to England from different countries which made communication very interesting and we had a lot to talk about. We were speaking online for about two weeks before meeting up for the first time. We met up at a History Museum and I got Lesleyann a red rose which she seemed to be impressed with! After the museum we went for a drink and dinner. The date lasted about eight hours and it felt as if we had known each other for ages. On our third date I asked Lesleyann if she would like to be my girlfriend."

After three months of being together I took Lesleyann to meet my family in Lithuania. I tried to teach her a couple of phrases in Lithuanian, which was also pretty hilarious!

I met Lesleyann’s family only a short while after coming back from Lithuania and I was so nervous, but it went well. We’re moving in together and I can’t imagine my life without her.”

Gwen and Terry.

Gwen and Terry

Terry: “My friends and family had been encouraging me for a while to ‘get back out there’ so one night I thought I’d do just that.

I’d been using Your Perfect Love Match for a few months before I saw Gwen’s profile and sent her an email. Much to my surprise, she replied saying, “Hi Tony!” That made me chuckle so I emailed back saying that actually my name isn’t Tony, but it’s Terry. She emailed back straight away saying, “Oh, sorry Trevor!” She had me laughing so much already that I had to keep emailing her. I wind her up all the time about it now!

I was feeling very nervous before our first date. I was married for 40 years and didn’t really know what to do; it was a completely new experience for me. It can’t have been more than 10 minutes before I felt completely relaxed and we laughed and talked for hours. We were actually the last people left in the pub and we were even told to leave because they were trying to close up! We met at five in the afternoon, we couldn’t believe it!”

Gwen: “We weren’t emailing for very long before we exchanged numbers because neither of us are very good at emailing or computers. For our first date, we met at a local pub near to both of us. Terry made me feel at ease straight away and I knew I had to see him again. We arranged our second date the week later and went rock’n’roll dancing with a friend of mine. He said he couldn’t dance, but he lied – I realised that night that he’s a great dancer.

We moved in together not long after. We’re now busy decorating our new home and we’re excited for our holiday in August with all my family. We also don't stop laughing every day and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have met him.”

Jason and Pauline

Jason and Pauline

Jason: “I’d been single for about two years and quite simply, I wanted a relationship. I saw the advert for Your Perfect Love Match on the TV and thought it would be a great place to find one.

I was working away when Pauline and I started communicating which was very difficult. We swapped numbers and were texting each other at every possible moment, where my signal allowed. We then switched to phone calls and managed to go well past our monthly limit, racking up some high phone bills. We both upgraded our phone services to get unlimited calls and texts so we could talk without worrying about the minutes!

About three months after initial contact, I came back to the UK and booked us an evening in a boutique hotel on Southampton Quayside and waited nervously at the train station for her, which turned out to be the best wait of my life! As soon as I saw Pauline, bubbly, bouncing towards me with the happiest face in the world, I was totally smitten! I’d never fallen for someone so quickly and as she walked towards me I thought to myself, “I’m going to marry that girl”. Pauline was so distracted smiling at me that she got completely caught in the ticket barrier and was desperately trying to get through that a station worker came over shouting, “Madam, please wait!” It was hilarious looking back!

We were meant to be, plain and simple. We moved in together eight months after meeting and bought our first home together. I knew I wanted to marry her on the day that I met her. Last Christmas was our first Christmas together and, although I planned to propose on New Year’s Eve, I was so caught up in the moment and magic of Christmas, I proposed in December. It was the longest wait of my life but finally she said yes! We’re getting married in Gibraltar in February 2014.”

Amrita and Jatinder.

Amrita and Jatinder

Amrita: “I wasn't too keen on online dating at first but was encouraged by a colleague to give it a go. To be honest, I never thought I would meet "The One" on Your Perfect Love Match. I had heard of friends who had found their partner online but always thought these things would never happen to me.

In the “real” world I was finding it hard to meet someone who matched my religious and cultural views. Coming from a Hindu Punjabi background, I wanted to meet someone from a similar background. I didn't think Your Perfect Love Match, or any other site would have many matches with people from an Indian background but I was surprised that there was a large variety of people, all from varying walks of life.

I joined up in November, initially for one month and at the end of my subscription I didn't renew again. However, going into the New Year, I missed the general interactions so I joined up again for three months. Jatinder sent me a long and quite formal message in January and since then we didn’t stop talking. I was absolutely petrified before our first date as we got on so well in our emails; I was concerned that perhaps in reality we wouldn’t have that spark.

Luckily there was and our relationship has been amazing! In May, Jatinder decided to take me away for a surprise weekend. I thought he would take me to the Peak District because I love hiking, but soon realised that we were headed south, to London. We arrived at the destination - Harry Potter Studios! He knows how much I love Harry Potter and this was such a great surprise; I was so excited! I was running around taking it all in and when we got to the end of Diagon Alley, Jatinder proposed. I realised that the real surprise was the proposal! It was amazing, I was so shocked and of course I said yes, and then rang my parents and my friends straight away to tell them the news!

Before I joined Your Perfect Love Match I didn't think I would find someone who would match my sense of humour and someone who I would love truly for who they are. I remember filling in the application form and thinking ‘Oh my God, this is so tiresome’ but it actually made me think logically about what I wanted in my future partner and most importantly reflect on myself as an individual. It's very easy to say, ‘I want my partner to be handsome, funny, loyal etc’ but the questions made me think about who I was myself.

All this summer we've been arranging our wedding which is to be held in December. We've been arguing over centre pieces, drinks, table settings and designs on the wedding cake and I wouldn’t want to change a thing. If it hadn't been for Your Perfect Love Match then I wouldn't be having this experience. The site acted like the "middle man", someone who bought Jatinder and I together.”

Steve and Jess.

Steve and Jess

Steve: “I met Jess through Your Perfect Love Match and from the first date there was an instant attraction and a connection that I have never felt before. I saw her profile and made the first move by sending her an Icebreaker. She replied and we did a bit of the Guided Communication but I wanted to talk to Jess properly, so quickly sent her an open message. We emailed for a few weeks before our first date.”

Jess: ”It took a lot of encouragement from my friends to join Your Perfect Love Match in the first place and when I had a date planned with Steve, I was so nervous! We arranged to go for a quick drink and when I arrived, he’d been there for 20 minutes already. Steve made me feel at ease straight away. The date went really well and we realised we had lots in common. We finished the date and I didn’t mention a second date as I didn’t want to add any pressure if one of us didn't like the other. Shortly after we said goodbye though, Steve text me saying he had a really good time – what a relief! He asked to take me on a second date and I said okay and waited for him to organise it. Steve booked a really nice restaurant, we had a great meal and more drinks, and this felt more like a proper first date!”

Steve: “We made it official that night and both closed our Your Perfect Love Match accounts. We just knew this was something special. The relationship has developed into a strong, loving and dependable joy already.”

Jess: “We’re going on our first holiday to Mexico for two weeks in November – I am already counting down the days!”

Kind regards,

The Team At Your Perfect Love Match