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Phil & Miriam's Story

Phil & Miriam on Your Perfect Love Match.

Phil: "I'd tried a few online dating sites before and had a great time meeting people on them. I got to the point where I genuinely wanted to settle down but nobody that I met was right for me. A mate of mine had joined Your Perfect Love Match so I thought I'd give it a go too. I really liked the process of joining up and now I can see that taking the time to fill out your profile clearly helps Your Perfect Love Match connect you with the right people!

At the start, I'd been sent a few matches but to be honest I didn't feel very attracted to their photos. Then Miriam emailed me; she was gorgeous! I was so happy that she had messaged; we emailed for about two weeks before exchanging numbers.

We met at Birmingham train station and her eyes blew me away! She has amazingly long eyelashes and I fell for her instantly. We went to the German Christmas market in Birmingham. It's a really fun and romantic place and we had the best date I've ever been on. Miriam had to get the last train home so our date came to an end even though neither of us wanted it to.

I knew that I wanted to see her again but I didn't realise our second date would be six months later. Something came up in my life and it made seeing Miriam quite difficult. We continued to text a bit but it gradually became less and less. Months passed and I thought about her a lot but figured that I'd left it too late for anything to happen. It was about six months after our first date that I made myself send her a text to see how she was. Miriam was actually seeing someone else at this point which I didn't know, but when I text her all her feelings came back and I'm very glad to say she gave me a second chance. She ended her relationship and we met up; we went through everything that had happened in the last six months and how we felt. It was great to open up to each other and it felt as if no time had passed at all.

Her birthday was coming up so for our third date I took her for a fun day out at Thorpe Park and we spent the weekend at a B&B. We fell completely in love and my life has never been better. We now have a beautiful baby girl, Rebecca, who makes our life complete."


So wish I could end up like these two!! Confused